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Aug. 22 - Sept. 22

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Virgo people love to have everything just right, and they hate muddle and inefficiency. Their powers of analysis are tremendous and even in the cases of totally uneducated Virgoans, we still find a strong, well-founded discrimination.   With such a flair for analysis, they constitute a kind of examining group for the rest of the world. Their verdicts are worth while, and it is a fact that by far the majority of the greatest and safest critics come under this sign. It is true, of course, that the Virgo person often carries this kind of thing too far. That is one of his great dangers. Hypercriticism is a big evil of this type.
    The Virgo man or woman craves details and facts. He (or she) has a vivid imagination usually and gets great pleasure out of comparing this thing with that and forming a judgment. Behind all this is a mind which, for sheer versatility and brilliance (when at its best), is not surpassed by any of the other groups. So with the Virgoans everything depends on the directions in which the intellect is employed. This group is nine-tenths intellect and, perhaps, only one-tenth heart. Therein lies much of the cleverness and success they achieve; therein also is the secret of most of their tragedies. We will call the Virgo Group, then, the analysts.

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