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ASTROLOGY: It's about time.
by: Monica J. McCready

astroglobe.gif (18017 bytes)"There is a time for everything and a season for every
activity under heaven."---Ecclesiastes 3:1


Can you imagine living in this world without clocks or calendars? It would seem impossible to organize your daily schedule to coincide with another's. "Meet me when the moon is full just after sunset", might be a typical phrase or point of reference. The cycle of day and night, of lightness and darkness is the age-old means of organizing our daily behavioral patterns. We sleep while it's dark and work while it's light (at least most of us still do). We are attuned with this most elementary of rhythmical cycles. Furthermore, the cycle of the sun’s apparent path around the earth which relates to our year, brings us four seasons of varying degrees of daylight and darkness.

Spring is upon us and with it the promise of longer days and warmer temperatures. According to the 1996 World Almanac and Book of Facts, March 20th marks the first day of Spring. That is to say, the earth in its orbit around the sun crosses the vernal equinox at 0 degrees Aries. The constellation Aries is the first sign of the zodiac or circle of animals; hence, spring begins a new solar cycle. The ground begins to thaw, temperatures begin to climb, and new life "springs" forth from the soil.

The spring season is the first of four distinct seasons, which characterize one yearly cycle: Spring is to plant new seeds; summer is to help them grow; fall is to reap the harvest; and, winter is to rejuvenate the soil in preparation for the cycle to begin again. Aries represents that portion of the yearly cycle that contains all of the latent force of the previous year, and with it as a basis gives birth anew to everything in nature. Aries is the resurrection principle of life. Astrology originated among an agricultural society some 5000 years ago. It was founded on facts of common human experiences, which it generalized about and interpreted with respect to the cycles of the environment. For instance, those of you who were born when the sun was in the sign of Aries (March 20-- April 20) have Spring-like qualities--you tend to be initiators of new activities, are driven to prove yourselves through your actions, and have a me first, competitive attitude. Of course, not all Arians will exhibit these qualities since the positions of the other planets, including the moon, play a factor in determining your true colors. As you can see, Astrology presents us with cycles "clocked' by the motion of the earth with regard to the other planets in the solar system. It is a natural, but very useful tool for orienting you to your own individual life cycle.

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