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April 21-May 20


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Planetary Ruler Symbol

Taureans are stubborn and conservative to a degree.  They find this a drawback sometimes, but many times it is one of their real virtues, for they hang on like a bulldog  when all others have fled a problem.  You cannot budge a Taurean if he/ she is convinced about a certain course, and he/she is not to be moved by oratory or enthusiasm. 
    The chief idea in their mind is to get "everything on a sound basis."  If that can be done they are content, and you will find that it is the only time they will display much enthusiasm.
The great function of the Taurean is to construct.  They carry out this work everywhere;  it is impossible to find them in any vocation where they are not studiously building up.  They build their good name, build their finances, build their particular job till it is perfect, and in the broadest sense of the word they act as the carpenters of human society.
    Some folks regard the Taurean as a "stick in the mud."   This is not accurate, for taureans know better than most of us the necessity for a sound foundation.
    A particularly dogged type, Taureans relax luxuriously, loves the good things of life, enjoys comfort for its own sake, and slow as they seem , invariably gets what they aim at eventually.  We can sum this group up with the word builders.

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