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Oct. 23 - Nov. 22

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   Control is the distinguishing characteristic of the Scorpio person. He loves to have reservations. He is cautious and suspicious. These people are reasonably stable in their contacts and while not giving away much of their real feelings about anything, yet generally manage to secure their position very well. But their habit of reserving opinions, and their general expression of skepticism, does not help them much in social contacts.
    Their fortitude is remarkable and they often succeed merely on the strength of their gift for hanging-on in the face of physical strain. Caution, as I have suggested, is at once a great strength and a terrible weakness of this group. They hesitate too long nine times out of ten because they do not see sufficient satisfaction for their idea of safety. Coldness in contacts with others is usually expressed, and when the Scorpionian is convinced of a truth he can be horribly blunt. If injured he is a relentless enemy; if aroused he is cruel and totally devoid of the ordinary bowels of compassion. And yet, at the same time, it is possible to win a deep and lasting affection from this type, and to gain a loyalty which cannot be shaken by any circumstance. Let us call this group the Conservers.

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