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Nov. 23 - Dec. 21



Planetary Ruler Symbol

Sagittarius is the original good sportsman type. As a general rule Sagittarians are very popular and they certainly deserve this because they try their best to maintain fair-play in all their activities.  They have much self-confidence—too much at times! And their audacity sets other people wondering. There is practically nothing with a touch of the "sporting" about it which they will not tackle.   The majority of Sagittarians have boundless energy, love the open-air, and take a keen interest in sport. This last, together with travel, holds the bulk of their ambitions in many instances.
    Fairness and tolerance are marked characteristics and it is a pity that with so many of this group their enthusiasms are purely transitory. Where they manage to find an abiding interest they make splendid headway and this, curiously enough, has been noticed particularly in the practice of the Law.  Philosophical, generous, open-hearted, tolerant, this group find their way in life much eased by the welcome they receive from others, and it is a fact that they represent by far the majority of the least discontented people alive. They can be summed up with the word Sportsmen.

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