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Feb. 19 - Mar. 20


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Planetary Rulers Symbol

Pisces people have a terrific imagination and are natural poets.   Charitable to an inordinate degree, this group also has been loved from the very beginning. They are so warm-hearted and have such a passion of beauty that it is difficult to avoid enthusing with them.   But that does not alter the fact that they are the least practical of all the Twelve Signs!
    These are the optimists and dreamers who strive all the while for Utopia-and they have succeeded in getting us a little nearer, anyway. They revel in social problems, and their sense of pity is so large that they mostly lavish their possessions as well as their sympathies upon those more in need than themselves.
    Wherever they manage to surmount their natural deficiences--procrastination, and lack of energy-they produce imaginative works in all the branches of art with much success. And it can be said with safety that they are responsible, no matter where they may be located, for infusing a sense of the beautiful in their surroundings.
    The one strong point about them is their ability for interpreting ideas. They seem, to have the capability of taking an idea and magically transforming it into something everybody can appreciate and understand. This is their chief function and they are the world’s Interpreters.

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