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Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

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Planetary Ruler Symbol

Libra is the gentleman of all the signs. Refined, courteous, filled with good taste, and great lovers of harmony, the Librans bring much of the highest culture into the world. They are easily the most amiable of all the groups, and with their dislike of solitary living they find their beautiful temperament a great social asset.
    They are an indulgent type but one must not overlook the fact that, behind of all their tolerance, is a seeing eye, and that eye is the eye of a judge. Their judgments are scrupulously fair, but they tend to stick rigorously to their findings.   Running throughout this group is a great appreciation of beauty, of the finer things of life, and of the good points of others. And note that while he is indulging his powers of appreciation, the Libran is also judging and learning all the time.
    Harmony, however, means more to the Libra people than anything else. Give them that and they are completely satisfied; rob them of it and they are wretched. If there is no other means of achieving it they will compromise. Herein may lie their weakness, for in compromise this group makes more errors than any other.
The chief thing about the whole group, no matter whether rich or poor, is their power of judgment. And so we name them the Judges.

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