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July 22 - Aug. 21

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Planetary Ruler Symbol

Leonians have a dignity all their own. They are much like the lion, and everything about them tends towards bigness.  These things make them immensely popular, and they are at their best when in positions of authority, for, better than any of the rest of us, they know how to administer justly and with the willing service of their subordinates.
    There is always a love of display, or of splendor in some direction or other, with this group, and it must be said that they match this liking with a genuine nobility of mind and character. It is true that some of the group tend at times to a tyrannical line of conduct, but actually the far greater danger is laxity when in the midst of plenty.
    We can be sure always of their displaying warmth of heart and their measure of faith—whether displayed in connection with religion or merely in ordinary human relationship—is enormous. Nothing seems to destroy this entirely in the Leo type: in the worst of the type one finds these likeable qualities.
    It is well not to forget that the Leonian is a strongly ambitious person, and to a large extent—perhaps more so than with any of the other groups—the whole character will be conditioned by the nature of this ambition, for if it is along wrong lines, then the whole of the character in the Leonian seems to become warped. The keyword of this notable group is commanders

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