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May 21- June 20



Planetary Ruler Symbol

Geminis are highly intellectual people.  They learn rapidly.  They are interested in life and everything about themselves in relationship to it.  They are inquisitive to a tremendous degree, and they have a real speediness of mind.   Unsettlement is their chief difficulty.  They are so versatile that change seems essential, and unless concentrativeness is learned early in life they often miss the mark because they do not stay long enough to aim straight at it.
   They are fond of gaiety, bright conversation, and yet at the same time the appeal has to be to their reasoning faculties rather than to their hearts.   Hopelessly inconsistent, frequently fickle, and everlastingly seeking for new interests, new thrills, Geminis are certainly one of the most colorful signs of the zodiac.  But, at the back of all their seeming instability they possess a passion for learning, and they manage to amass a great deal of valuable experience and information without getting much hurt in the process.
    Many of the people who "live on their wits" are Geminis, and this is one of the drawbacks of the nature, for with their reliance upon pure reason they are apt to inflict serious injuries on others.  However, at their best the Gemini is what we call  "good fun," and they are easily one of the most brilliant types we ever meet.  We can safely call them by the name, reasoners.

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