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Dec. 21 - Jan. 19



Planetary Ruler Symbol

Capricorns are  the greatest  businessmen, and by far the majority of the hardest-working people alive. They revel in work for its own sake. Though somewhat reserved and cautious, they can proceed with a fair measure of intrepidity with their schemes, and their organizing powers are such that they rarely fail in their efforts. Correctness is the fetish of the Capricornian. He loves honesty, fair dealing, and efficiency. If one crosses his border-lines in these things it is but to meet with an implacable opponent.
    In some ways these people must be regarded as materialistic. They look to the profit and loss side of their transactions, and they are apt to put their ambitions before all else.  The great point about them all the time is their dependability.   At the same time it must be admitted that all this efficiency and ambitiousness leads frequently to a chilling of the emotions, and it is true that many Capricornians are seemingly without much "heart," But this is all a matter of capturing their loyalty. If this can be done then they are by all means the best type of friends to have. I will denote them here as the Controllers.

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