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June 21 -- July 21

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The Moon

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Planetary Ruler Symbol

Cancers have a great love for  idealistic things regarding people and their home-life.  There is a strong tendency to work along the more accepted lines and a certain amount of conservatism, some effort being made to maintain traditions.  They are patient, immensely tolerant of other points of view, and in their friendships manage to preserve a fine sense of  loyalty.    
They are definitely receptive people.  Their minds are open all the time and, while they have much imagination, they seem always anxious to capture the spirit of other people's thought.  Unfortunately they suffer much see-sawing of emotions, at times being filled with inspiration, at others sinking down to the depths of gloom.  But in the main they preserve a fair measure of serenity--far more than the average person--and do not permit outward circumstances to distress them unduly.
Highly protective of whatever is in their care, they are well described by the word protectors.

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