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aries.GIF (1681 bytes)Aries
March 21-April 20

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  Aries people like to be in the vanguard.  They must lead.  Following after has never appealed to them.  To rule is their heaven, and they regard drifting as just another name for hell.  Consequently we seldom find them happy in service of any kind. 
  Planning and carrying out his/her own plans are the chief functions of the Arian.  There is a continual desire for novelty, and so ideas are frequent.  Throughout everything there is the strongest evidence of an effort to improve existent methods.
  The Aries person is quick to anger, but forgiveness comes quite easily to this type.  Impatience is strongly evident, however,, and any suspicion of shilly-shally methods infuriates him.   Aries is the hallmark of the everlasting Modern, and Progress is the Aries person's watchword.  The group can be summed up in a word.  They are natural directors.

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