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Jan. 20 - Feb. 18


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Planetary Rulers Symbol

Aquarians are very inventive people. They are  not only gifted with the most scientific type of mind, but have in addition a tremendous love for humanity. This union of science with humanitarianism is productive of by far the bulk of the useful inventions which we enjoy today, and we have to thank the Aquarians for their efforts.
    They plan so as to gain goodwill, and express it all the time. They have true vision and a basic spirituality which endears them to most people.  What they seek first is Truth. What they like most is Friendship. They are even tempered, artistic, sociable, and peaceful in their general attitude towards life.  Like most of us they have faults; indecision is their worst. But when one remembers the flights of mind of which they are capable it is not to be wondered that they sometimes lack a normal sufficiency of materialism. We call them, therefore, the Scientists.

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