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Monica McCready, C.A.P.
Certified Astrological Professional

Articles Published:
"Astrology : A whole lot more than you thought"
It's about time"


Short Bio: I enjoy helping others to help themselves. Astrology is the best self-help tool I have found. It continues to provide the most profound insights to me regarding life with respect to others on this planet.
Credentials: C.A.P. ISAR 2000 Aneheim, CA
Diploma from Uranus Publishing's Master Course in Basic Astrology. 1994
N.O.R.W.A.C 1994 Seattle, WA
1994 Astrologer's assistant for Arielle Guttman
Project Hindsight's Greek track 1994 - 2005
Fall 1993: Santa Fe, NM, Interpretive Astrology- 10 week seminar with Gail Vivino.
Fall 1992: Santa Fe, NM, Mythic Astrology- 12 week Seminar with Arielle Guttman.
Fall 1991: Santa Fe, NM, Advanced Astrology- 8 week Seminar with Alen Oken.
Spring 1991: Phoenix, AZ, Astro*Carto*Graphy Seminar Training with Jim Lewis.
BA Anthropology from Penn State University Dec. 1990
Spring 1990:Athens, Greece- Penn State University-earned minor in classical studies.
1990 Lucern, Switzerland, World Astrological Congress.
1988 began serious study of Astrology
Current Membership: International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)
My favorite astrology book:

Dennis Elwell's Cosmic Loom. This work taught me to stand back and consider the bigger picture with respect to Astrology. Often my reading would lead to reducing everything down to its smallest component. At first, this may help to make sense of complex lifeways; but after indepth analysis, it may leave you wondering what to do with all that information. I found Elwell's thoughts both enlightening and refreshing in a field so rich in methods and techniques.

Printed Reports: Natal, progressed, AstroMaps, transits, and unique personality profiles. Chart work, interpretations, and astrological consultations available upon request. Contact me.
Astrological Zodiac, The circle of animals on the ecliptic

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