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ASTROLOGY: a whole lot more than you thought
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by: Monica J. McCready 

Most everyone is familiar with the daily horoscopes printed on the comic pages of the daily newspaper. Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac are there with a sentence or two describing the kind of day it will be for a particular person born with the sun in Aries, Gemini, Capricorn, etc... Unfortunately, this kind of astrology is all that most people are ever exposed to in their lifetimes. That's like saying "I'm from Pennsylvania" to someone who has never been to Pennsylvania and has only heard that it is a place where the Amish people live. While it's true that most of the Amish have settled in Pennsylvania, there are many other characteristics associated with Pennsylvania that distinguish it from other states.

In much the same way, Astrology is a very misunderstood field of study. Combining certain elements of science, art and intuition, it is a language making use of symbols which help us to expand our knowledge of the universe and our capacity to understand ourselves in relationship to it. Symbols embody the collective human experience. We come into the world with an age-old transcript of the prior experiences of all who have come before us. We are born with a collective memory, what C. G. Jung called the collective unconscious. Symbols represent points of reference or guideposts that permit the identification of impressions which the mind experiences and provide a means of expressing feelings as parts of our life.

The American flag is a symbol that represents freedom, victory, justice and anything pertaining to this country's heritage. It means many things and to each person something slightly different. A symbol has the unique ability to change or be modified over time to accommodate the aggregation of experiences which affect its meaning. The planets and the signs of the zodiac are the symbols of the astrological language.  5000 years ago, early civilizations proceeded to develop a scale of correlation between earthly events and celestial phenomenon. They observed nature and all of its manifestations, seeking to understand their presence in the world and to impose order on their lives. They concluded that each component of the universe is linked to the Whole. This Law of Correspondence is expressed by the phrase "As Above, So Below" and is a basic tenet of Astrology.

So what is it that makes one human being so very different from another? One of the best methods an individual can use to answer this question is to study and obtain a profound understanding of the meaning of the planets and signs as they apply to the natal horoscope. A horoscope is a map or chart of the solar system  calculated for a person with respect to an exact date, time and place of birth. The natal (birth) chart must not be looked upon as being the final answer to the questions of human destiny, behavior, or character. But, if we are aware of certain forces operating within and around us, we have a very handy guide to life. By working with the cycles of the solar system, we can learn from our hang-ups and ease the difficulties of the human experience. A comprehension of the language can also make our potential talents and joys multiply.

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